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2010.Apr.10 Engineering ConsentUnsolicited Advice
2009.Oct.09 Existential TerrorUnsolicited Advice
2008.Jun.09 God-creatureUnsolicited Advice
2007.Dec.15 Engineering (live drivel)Miscellaneous
2005.Nov.20 Calculated IndifferenceReturn to Columbia Hole
2005.Jul.01 WholesomeReturn to Columbia Hole
2003.Nov.21 MalpithLow Voltage Meat
2003.Nov.10 Licentious RedemptionLow Voltage Meat
1999.Mar.14 RocksLow Voltage Meat
1998.Dec.21 Heavy IILow Voltage Meat
1998.Jul.24 Baked Potatoes and Oral SexMiscellaneous