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2017.Mar.08 Slum (VRC6)Miscellaneous
2015.Dec.30 Desolation (VRC6)Miscellaneous
2014.Mar.18 What Were a BossMiscellaneous
2014.Mar.03 Infiltration (MT-500)Miscellaneous
2013.Jun.13 Questionable Victory (2A03)Miscellaneous
2010.Oct.04 Suspicious Activity ReportUnsolicited Advice
2010.Apr.10 Engineering ConsentUnsolicited Advice
2009.Oct.09 Existential TerrorUnsolicited Advice
2009.Jun.02 On the DoleUnsolicited Advice
2009.Mar.07 Existential ObsolescenceUnsolicited Advice
2008.Oct.08 NightsoilUnsolicited Advice
2008.Jun.09 God-creatureUnsolicited Advice
2008.Apr.08 Kondratiev WinterUnsolicited Advice
2008.Apr.02 Not Meat at AllUnsolicited Advice
2007.Dec.15 Engineering (live drivel)Miscellaneous
2007.Jun.06 EnemiesReturn to Columbia Hole
2007.Feb.24 AidsthraxReturn to Columbia Hole
2006.Oct.26 Sodium AuraReturn to Columbia Hole
2006.Jun.03 Glass PanelReturn to Columbia Hole
2006.May.25 Drawn and QuarteredReturn to Columbia Hole
2006.May.25 Pay in BloodReturn to Columbia Hole
2006.May.25 HostileReturn to Columbia Hole
2006.May.16 ZweibelwerkReturn to Columbia Hole
2006.Apr.06 AttritionReturn to Columbia Hole
2006.Feb.23 A Shade of DoubtReturn to Columbia Hole
2005.Nov.20 Calculated IndifferenceReturn to Columbia Hole
2005.Sep.26 In a MallReturn to Columbia Hole
2005.Jul.01 MediocrityMiscellaneous
2005.Jul.01 WholesomeReturn to Columbia Hole
2005.Jul.01 WangReturn to Columbia Hole
2005.Jul.01 DustReturn to Columbia Hole
2005.Apr.01 DetoxReturn to Columbia Hole
2003.Dec.01 To What End? (slowness)Low Voltage Meat
2003.Nov.21 MalpithLow Voltage Meat
2003.Nov.10 Licentious RedemptionLow Voltage Meat
2002.Mar.09 Columbia HoleLow Voltage Meat
2001.Dec.29 PithLow Voltage Meat
2001.Nov.02 To What End?Low Voltage Meat
2001.Oct.08 VendettaLow Voltage Meat
2000.Apr.21 SlitLow Voltage Meat
1999.Mar.23 FykoLow Voltage Meat
1999.Mar.19 Mouths of ChangLow Voltage Meat
1999.Mar.14 RocksLow Voltage Meat
1999.Feb.23 JourneyLow Voltage Meat
1998.Dec.21 Heavy IILow Voltage Meat
1998.Jul.24 Baked Potatoes and Oral SexMiscellaneous