Infiltration (MT-500)

Here's the original Casiotone version of Infiltration from the World's End Chapter 1 Soundtrack. Listen to it here or at Soundcloud.



Artwork for one of the new, non-humanoid enemies in World's End Chapter 2 on DeviantArt.


FLAC Soundtrack Now Free

We've decided to give away Bandcamp's FLAC version of the World's End Chapter 1 Soundtrack for free. If you still feel like paying for it, we certainly won't object.


World's End Wiki

We created a walkthrough for the World's End series at containing item, equipment and skill lists, enemy stats, and character profiles.


World's End Chapter 1 Released

At last our strategy RPG can be unleashed upon the world.
Play Chapter 1 on our site, Newgrounds, Kongregate Armor Games and Game Jolt.


World's End Chapter 1 Soundtrack Released

At long last the soundtrack to our soon-to-come tactical RPG can be unveiled. With any luck the game itself shall soon follow.
As always, tracks are available here for free. Higher-quality FLAC versions can be purchased from our page at Bandcamp.


World's End Chapter 1 Trailer

Watch the trailer for our upcoming SRPG on Youtube and Vimeo.