History of World's End, Part 9

Dialogue Portraits circa 2006

It had become abundantly clear that I’d better start working on art, and quickly, for I had a staggering amount of it to produce. Never mind the superfluous stuff like these dialogue portraits (circa 2006) that you see above, or even a user interface for the game — more pressingly, there was a legion of maps and character art that needed creating.

This meant that I’d need to learn how to draw...or relearn? I hadn’t done much in the way of art since I was in high school, and though I’d been told that I had at least a marginal shred of talent, I was woefully out of practice.

Dialogue Portraits circa 2006

More and more I felt like I was in way over my head. However, as Crack and I had been increasingly talking about the construction of our game, a mutual friend of ours by the name of Metapharsical began to take note of what we were working on. He had been doing 3D modeling for a few years, and when he expressed an interest in working on art, I was more than eager to accept his help.

Given his field of practice, we figured it’d be best if he focused on map artwork, while I would deal with general design ideas and character art.

Art by Metapharsical

I dumped upon Metapharsical the burden of illustrating the vague, strange, and constantly shifting ideas I had regarding the environment of World’s End. Above you can see some of his earliest efforts. To this day I remain particularly fond of that train!

I was gradually getting into the groove of drawing, and doing so with a mouse, no less. Designing the characters was easy enough, based as they were largely upon the old RPG Maker images. But there were some...issues. I think it’s best illustrated by this image:

Early Character Art

I’ll let that speak for itself, but apart from anything else (clichéd anime faces and all), the most glaring issue to me is the complete negligence of isometric perspective. It seemed I might need assistance with the character art as well!

We’ll get further into how things progressed next time, but finally, since I promised several installments ago that I’d include such things, I feel semi-obliged to show a glimpse of the dialogue as it stood in late 2006:

Tevoran: (storms in through the door) Wake up! Everyone! This is very serious! (bangs on a cowbell)

Ysabel: Haven’t I heard that before?

Tevoran: Everyone, come here. (they comply) Look, this is going to be more difficult than I thought. I think Martin’s been imprisoned.

Ivan: What now?

Zofia: This is going to be terrible for business...

Ysabel: Wait, you said you ‘think’ he’s been imprisoned?

Tevoran: The man on the street says that Martin returned to this city from the Eastern Front several days ago. He was last seen entering Oskar’s palace.

Zofia: Which man?

Tevoran: Martin.

Zofia: No, the man on the street. I wouldn’t trust him if I were you. Not if it’s...that guy...

Ivan: Are you inhaling too many fumes over there or something?

Zofia: Maybe I should take a break.

P.S. You can find Metapharsical’s latest work at Imgur.


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